Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homework 5

NOTE: Because of technicality constraints, I could not use the game engine with my object in ways that "made sense". My object is a swing, but since we have not yet learned how to create pivots, i did not attempt to make my swing swing back and forth. I simply made the object do other motions as an example. Note that I talked to Professor Erlebacher about this before doing it. Furthermore, because of how I made the chains in the swing via the add chain addon, I could not "join" them with the rest of the object, so they will not move in the demo. In our game, my object isn't actually supposed to move in any way. The object will undergo change during the game but it is not motion, and it is not something that I can do until we learn how to use pivots, and I learn how to make the chain work with the rest of the object. In the final game, this object is supposed to change from a "broken down" version, to a "healthy" version. This will probably be accomplished by modeling both versions, and hiding one and making the other appear based on user action.

For this assignment, I made my object rotate along different axis based on which keys were pressed, and I made the object disappear if a combination of keys was pressed.

The use of the game engine will relate to my team game in that, we will have the user be a first person camera that when he "snaps a picture" will temporarily show the city as it was before a disaster. We will use the game engine to alternate between "broken down" versions of objects and "healthy" versions of objects to simulate this "photo into the past". We will also in some cases perhaps permanently return objects to their "healthy" version, to rebuild the city.

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  1. While it is true that you do not yet have the knowledge to make the chain swing, why did you make the swing rotate, rather than make the chain the parent of the swing and make the chain rotate? That would have had close to the same effect you were seeking, except that the chains would have been unbending.

  2. You did not "add" any objects to the scene. A homework requirement I believe.