Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homework 6

1. Mechanics is addressed in our game by the way in which the game is played, that being a first person view through a camera lens, the taking of pictures which reveals different things about the game, as well as potentially a score system based on the accuracy of the picture taken by the player, or puzzle elements solved by taking pictures of certain key objects.
Story is an important part of our game. It tells the story of a photographer uncovering the misterious destruction and depopulation of a city.
Aesthetics in our game will be made to feel a little eerie, without being dark, with a little of a cubist art style rather than a realistic art style.
Technology in our game is of course limited by our production software, Blender, as well as the processing power of our computers, and our ability to create environments and objects that arent computer intensive. For the most part, we wont have any new or different technologies that will set the game appart.

2. Yes, all four elements work towards our themes of mystery and exploration

3. Simply, theme and experience are like input and output. Theme is what feelings and behaviours are projected by the game unto the player. And experience is that players reactions and interpretations of those feelings. So for example a theme could be of terror and darkness, which could lead a player to experience fear and exitement, and could have another player be unmoved.

4. Our games themes are primarily mystery and exploration. It may at times be more eerie and at times more bright. It also covers themes of destruction and recreation, and of societal and family elements and values.

5. Our mechanics reinforces this theme because it puts the player physically in charge of exploration, and by not revealing everything to the player and making them uncover elements of the story through exploration they uncover the mysteries of the environment. Likewise story reinforces our themes because at first the story of the town is unclear and the player must uncovere the details.

6. In my opinion what makes our game special is the mechanic of "peering into the past" by taking pictures, and how it helps build the story and aesthetics.

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