Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homework 4

  • Do you love your project/game. If not, how can that be changed? 
  • Yes I love this project, its a great idea, and its a good size for a school project.
  • Does the team as a whole love the project? If not, what can be done? 
  • It looks like we all really like the project and the idea. We have some conflicting opinions on smaller details, but we all love the idea.
  • Are the team members communicating with each other?
  • Yes, often. We communicate our ideas and messages via email to the group.
  • Does the team have a regular meeting schedule? What is that schedule? 
  • Yes, we meet Mondays, and sometimes Wednesdays around 1 or 2 pm at Strozier.
  • Describe the modes of communication between the team members. 
  • During meetings we communicate by taking turns sharing our ideas, and waiting for someone to finish speaking before we offer a reply or a countering opinion. Over email, we express the full extent of our ideas, and offer solutions.
  • Regarding game documents, what must be remembered while designing your game? 
  • We must remember the complexity and time restraints that come with an art based game in a team full of members with no modeling and animation experience.
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