Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homework 3




To construct this object, I started by adding a cylinder and scaling it to look like a rod. I then copied this rod and tilted them both such that they intersected at the top. I then copied this structure to create the four legs of the swing. I then made another rod to connect the tips of both pairs of legs, and then added a sphere to this intersection to make it look neater. Then to create the seat I flattened out and elongated a cube to create the main section, and then extruded the outermost sides outwards and upwards, making the seat curve a little. Finally to add the chain I used the "Add Chain" addon that comes preinstalled with blender to create the chains that hold the seat, and then just put all the pieces together as neatly as I could.


This object fits into the game because one of our scenes will be a playground, and this is an element of it. In the real world of the game the object will be somewhat destroyed, perhaps by disjoining one of the chains and having the seat fall over. In the past world the swing would be intact as it is here.

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